28-year-old former B2K member Raz B has been living in China for three years now, and last night, Thursday, August 15th, someone shattered a bottle on his face. According to TMZ, Raz was performing at a nightclub in Zhejiang and noticed a fight had broken out in the crowd during his set, so he jumped in to break up the melee.  

His decision to get involved turned out to backfire on him as he wound up getting cracked in the face with a glass bottle which caused several cuts and bruises on his face, including a hole in his lip that required four stitches to properly close up.  Raz was initially mistaken for being a participant in the brawl and was arrested along with the man who hit him. However, he was released after police discovered the full story. His attacker was forced to pay $5,000 to cover Raz's medical bills.

Raz B expressed the pain he felt from the gash in his lip to TMZ, "F**k this s**t hurts. I have a f**king hole in my lip. Thank god I made it to the hospital."

Source: TMZ.com