Fans all over the world have been waiting to see which rapper would respond first to Kendrick Lamar's "King of New York" line from Big Sean's "Control" single, featuring Kendrick and Jay Electronica, and it looks like Joell Ortiz beat every other New York rapper to the punch.

Twitter erupted with celebrities and fans tweeting their reactions to Kendrick's verse, and loads of hilarious memes popped up on Instagram, and even though Joell wasn't mentioned on Kendrick's verse, he still takes pride in his New York roots and stepped up to the plate to fire back at Kendrick for claiming to be the King of the Big Apple.

Joell and the rest of his Slaughterhouse crew are well known for spitting bars, and Joell did that for almost 4 minutes straight in his "Outta Control" response to Kendrick.

Do you think Joell managed to raise, or at least match, the bar that Kendrick set in his "King of New York" verse?

Who do you think will respond next?