Lupe Fiasco is a true fan of battle rap and recently praised the many rappers in the culture for being "masters with bars."  However, just a short while later Lupe was fully locked in a war-of-words on Twitter with battle rapper Rosenberg Raw, and in the words of Hollow Da Don, Lupe went "straight jackets" on him.  

It all started with Lupe Fiasco tweeting that he believed B Magic 3-0'd Rosenberg in their past battle, which sparked a very heated response from Rosenberg, claiming that Lupe "knows nothing about battle rap."  Lupe and Rosenberg then trolled each other for a little while, before Lupe actually started dropping bars-on-top-of-bars at Rosenberg via Twitter.  

Rosenberg and Lupe both threw challenges at one another, and after the bars spit by Lupe at Rosenberg warning him that he isn't ready for what Lupe can bring to a battle, do you think a possible match might actually come from this?

If Lupe actually steps into the ring to battle Rosenberg, who do you think will win?

The Twitter exchange ended with Lupe Fiasco schooling Rosenberg on the art of Battle Rap, and Rosenberg was receptive to the knowledge Lupe passed on to him.