Twitter has been extremely active today with people commenting on Kendrick Lamar's "King of New York" line from Big Sean's "Control" single featuring Kendrick and Jay Electronica.  While Kendrick has stirred up debates and sparked competition among his fellow rappers for the top spot, Lupe Fiasco feels as though it is none of the above.

Even though Lupe Fiasco acknowledged the talents of Kendrick, Jay Z, Kanye, Drake and more, he actually feels as though the best lyricists in the game are battle rappers.  He praised battlers, especially those who battle on Smack, for being "masters with the BARS," and expressed that they are actually the best lyricists around.  He posted a series of tweets explaining his views on why he feels battle rappers are even better when it comes to pure rapping than mainstream artists.

Check out Lupe's tweets above.