Kendrick Lamar has stirred up quite a ruckus on his verse for Big Sean's "Control."  He dropped a line stating that he was the king of New York when he rapped:

"I'm important like the pope, I'm a Muslim on pork, I'm Makaveli's offspring, I'm the king of New York."

Being that Kendrick is a Compton native, making the claim that he, a West Coast rapper, is the "king of New York" is a very bold thing to say, especially when there are top notch New York rappers present in the game such as the living legends Jay Z and Nas.  Twitter has erupted with tweets from all sort of fans sharing their input on Kendrick's decision to include that line on the song.  Even Fabolous, Metta World Peace, Saigon, and Action Bronson tweeted about Kendrick's controversial line.

Check out the tweets above.  How do you feel about Kendrick stating that he is the "king of New York"?