Chayna Ashley and Ms. Fit have by far one of the best battles in the history of QOTR. Their battle was so fire that it actually made the top No. 1 spot on our VladTV's Top 30 QOTR Battles list. We brought them to our studio to chop it up about their past battle and a little bit of the history regarding their relationship with the widely known battle crews, Murda Ave and Dot Mob.

Aside from that, one major topic that was discussed was the 3 round that Chayna used against Ms. Fit during their battle. In her 3rd round she spent a good deal of time attacking Cortez, who is down with Ms. Fit's Murda Ave, and a top tier battle rapper. Chayna put him on blast during that round for an alleged robbery that took place in which people claimed to have stolen his chain, however Cortez still has his chain. Chayna and Ms. Fit went back and forth sharing their own knowledge of that story and whether or not they believe the robbery story to be true.