DNA vs K-Shine finally went down this past Saturday, March 9th at SOBs in downtown Manhattan. It was supposed to be one of the featured battles at the past canceled "Armageddon" event but had to be rescheduled to a later date. While the battle has yet to be released to the public, many people who saw it in person are already debating who won.

Some say DNA 2-1, while others have gone so far as to say K-Shine actually 3-0'd DNA. DNA isn't the type to say he won even if he knows he lost, so he shared his own personal recap of the battle and explained that he can understand if people in the venue thought he lost live, but also that when the footage is released online, more people will connect with his bars and feel as though he won.

Regardless, DNA said it was a classic. Judge for yourself who won once that footage drops.