A couple of days ago, Joseline Hernandez aired out Stevie J once again on Twitter and pronounced their relationship over--personal and business.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" stars have been on and off more times than we can count, so who knows if this will be the last time.

Joseline really blasted Stevie this time though, posting about 10 scathing comments about him throughout the day Friday, and even calling him an "undercover brother." Apparently her anger arose when Stevie bought an alleged side piece a new TV. 

"Life goes on lady you break up with one you find another! Works still have to be done and ladies we still gotta get that check!!" tweeted Joseline.

"You don't own a car, a house, furniture, jewels, nothing of that matter. Your peers don't even respect you. Smh," she went on.

Check out all of Joseline's tweets above. Do you think they'll stay broken up this time?

Source: theybf.com