Chad Johnson spent his Valentines Day out in Madrid with Lauren Popeil, the CEO and Chef of Popeil Cuisine.  She shouted him out numerous times on Twitter about how much fun she was having with him while watching the Real Madrid vs Manchester United soccer (football) game in Madrid.  She also posted pictures of them enjoying a meal and all of her captions were affectionate ones. 

However, Chad never retweeted any of her tweets, and stated to one Twitter follower that if he tweets directly to a woman, that means he's dating them.  He also boasted of having over 500 girlfriends on Twitter, which is more than likely a comical exaggeration, but he did in fact refer to Ms. Popeil as his "friend", not girlfriend, when one Twitter follower asked him about their relationship status.

Peep her pics above.  If Chad does officially begin dating her, do you think that'll be a good look for him?