Things got real at Erica Mena's party for her PrittyNPink lipstick line when the "Love & Hip Hop" star got into a heated argument with a woman named Tiffany. According to TMZ, the two began beefing at Nail Lounge in upper Manhattan, because Tiffany claimed to have slept with Erica's boyfriend in the past.

The comment ticked Erica off, and she reportedly responded by punching Tiffany in the face. When people rushed in to break up the fight, both girls made it clear they wanted to duke it out. A man trying to restrain Erica can be seen getting pushed out of the way in footage from the fight, and then Erica began screaming "F*ck all of y'all," to someone off screen.

Then, in a surprising turn of events Erica screamed out "F*ck Love & Hip Hop!," and then she was escorted into a private room in the building.

Erica promptly tweeted "They Eat It! Then want bragging Rights! Yeah I knocked @Tiffsway The Fawk Out Tonight SOO Classic!"

Tiffany responded, saying "@Erica_Mena What's ur zip code?? Oh u have none..:( Where u rest ur head is ur home!! at least for that night."

It's also interesting to point out that back in November, Erica posted a photo of her and Tiffany dancing and laughing in the club together, so it seems they were at least friendly at one point and time.

Source: Hip Hop Wired