"KING" by Dux Jones, 2nd Installment off of "Loser Lemonade a Psychedelic Trip" rn"KING" is an artistic piece inspired from a scene in "King of New York", in which Frank White just returned home from a jail stint & is tossed a large amount of cash. Upon opening the bag Frank declares "ah...aaah. Ya know how I like money!". On this rough textured yet smooth melodic sounding track produced by The "Uncanny" Loser Crew Dux exhibits his knack for rhyme construction as the visuals provide an "Amityville on acid-esque" look! Jonesy disregards the 16 bar/hook/16 bar outline & just goes completely in hashing out his tier mark as supreme M.C. www.anuncannyworld.comrnDirected By: FIGVRATI / Produced by: The "Uncanny" Loser Crewrn Management: Lifesource Management - lifesourcemgmt@gmail.com

Submitted By: DuxJones