Show: The Judge Mathis Show
Air Date: Nov 7 2012
Attempted Theft of Unlucky Love Poem

Jacqualynn Harris (Poet) vs Wack Rapper (self claimed producer)

She was on social networking sites doing poetry... She has done some professional work as well. She then performed on a video site and this guy took her poem and sampled it and put it in a track. He informed her of what he did and she did not approve (it being after the fact) He made money off of her work... Now he is being sued for $2,000...

He said she wasn't even known before he sampled her (like that mattered). He threatened her for not accepting his 'good graces' for using her work, he even had all of this in writing and across social networks (Facebook) tagging people from her home town saying that he about to 'off' her o.O

WATCH OUT!! They DO and WILL steal your work, and whether it is copy written officially or not, if you can PROVE your work has been stolen, you CAN sue for misappropriation (Copyright violation)

Took property, exposed it to a third party for personal gain... and all without permission...

You cannot use a persons ART without their permission. Whether you make money or NOT, you have to have permission and an agreed upon $$$$...

$2,000 Awarded to the Artist

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Submitted By: jaiharris