- "Reminds me of Jonn Hart and J Rand. I like the vibe." - DJ Scrappy Jackson - 105.5 FM, Southwest Florida.
- "I'm definitely feeling this. I told you from the beginning that I saw your potential, and I am seeing it G2; keep it up." - Ricky Ramon - Executive Director / Personality @ WWMR Radio.
-"Superb. Party-Ready." - Tom 'Slim' Clover - Managing Editor @ Pop Culturez.
- "I'm FA SHO goin' to put this on the new mix." - DJ 1 Der.
- "Fasholey is killing it!" - DJ Trigger Finger.
- "We got it, not bad at all, we'll be adding it to our database for the djs this evening :) - DJ Gary Canavo - Mass Record Pool
- "The song is really cool. I'll add to my rotation." - DJ Emiliot - Loco Show Radio
- "Great stuff. Fasholey made the cut as the lead song on Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm podcast. Be sure to tell your fans and good luck with your single Fasholey. Sounds like you got a hit song on your hand!" - DJ Numone.

Submitted By: G2Muzik