According to what Faizon Love told TMZ, Katt Williams recently pulled a gun on him during a recent argument the two men got into over $50,000 that Kat owes Faizon.  The argument occurred outside of the Hollywood nightclub, Supperclub, on Tuesday night, October 16th.

According to Love:

"Once the argument escalated, Katt went to his car to go get his gun to pull it out on me.  Fortunately, one of my homeboys who was there took the gun out of Katt's hands.  Come to find out the gun he pulled out on me was not even loaded. My homeboy gave it back to him ... then we went in the club.  I am just extremely upset that his punk ass would pull a gun out on me and even play with me like that.  He better chill his ass out."

Katt Williams was arrested minutes after this altercation occurred but released later that night.  Faizon Love has insisted that he was not the one who called the police on Katt.  Katt has yet to release a response to Faizon's allegations against him.

Faizon Love has since tweeted about the altercation, calling Katt Williams a "woman beater" and insisted that he did not call the police on him.  Check out the tweets above.