50 Cent has been known for getting into many serious beefs with other artists over the course of his career.  He actually rose to fame by engaging in multiple rap feuds with his fellow rhymers.  Now, even though he's calmed down a great deal and developed a more business oriented state of mind, he still won't sit quietly when people try to compete with him, or mention his name in a negative way.  

50 recently took to Twitter to air out many artists, generally new artist for lacking authenticity and trying to challenge him and his music.  He feels as though his upcoming album, Street King Immortal, is going to be an incredible album that no one will be able to even try to match.  He also sends subliminal shots at a certain artist when he tweeted:

"The culture is so confused a gangsta is bobbing to a cop LMAO think about it,It's just the facts."  

He also seems to send subliminal shots at French Montana, who he recently has had disagreements with.

Check out 50's tweets above.  

Source: realtalkny.uproxx.com