Sauce Money, an affiliate of Jay-Z from his early days coming up in the rap game, recently chopped it up with Forbez DVD about how Rok-A-Fella Records crumbled from within regarding Jay-Z and Damon Dash's relationship.  He then transitioned into speaking about Jaz-O, who used to be Jay-Z's close friend and mentor years ago, and how he claims that Jaz  really is a grimy individual behind the scenes.

"He's a piece of sh*t.  Without getting too deep into it, he's kind of a two-faced kind of n***a. He'll back-bite you about a n***a, and then when he get with the n***a, they do the same... He just a type of individual - and I don't wish him no harm, but I don't wish him well, either. They don't know the type of n***a that he is. F**k him, man."