Queens rapper DNA has been making some serious moves lately in the battle rap industry.  He locked down an easy 3-0 decision over Philly rapper E-Ness during his last battle at Summer Madness 2, and his name has been widely talked about regarding a potential battle with fellow rapper Meek Mill.  

DNA has now begun a new web series titled "That Sh*T Nutty" where he addresses the events taking place in the battle world.  In this particular episode, he spoke on many of the battles and rappers who took part in Summer Madness 2, and throws some quality jokes their way, as he uses what can now be considered an E-Ness catch phrase, "That sh*t nutty" and Loaded Lux's "You Gon Get This Work" phrase to roast many of his fellow battlers.

Check out the comical video above of DNA cracking non stop jokes on many other battle rappers.  We'll have to wait and see if any one of them responds to this.