The mother of Raekwon's oldest daughter fired off at him on Twitter recently saying, "...Young have to become a parent! Just because you provided your DNA doesn't make you a parent..."

Rae responded to the poor parenting allegations by telling, "Just know my kid is home, happy, healthy, and safe!"

The mother, Tabatha Lewis, met Rae in 1994 while he was on tour and she was still a senior in high school. She claims the Wu-Tang rapper failed to be supportive right from the beginning. Of course, the Chef has a different story.

"Tell her I will deal with it at my leisure, and thank you!" said Rae. "All she needs to know is my kid is fine, and she's with me and my family. I wish this lady and her other child the best. I will not stain my loving child with these allegations She's happy, and she's focused on her education thing heavy!!!"

He went on, "These things are way more important to me than a statement! I appreciate AllHipHop's concern for my well being, but my kid hurts from this, so I will not attend that mess! You would think a mother wants to see their kid in a better space. But I don't know and don't care about her situation. She has to take responsibility for her actions!"