MTV News caught up with Jay-Z on the red carpet for his NBA 2K13 release party and asked him if he could reflect on the work he put into "Vol. 2 ... Hard Knock Life", as this past Saturday, September 29th, officially marked the 14-year anniversary since the album was released.  

"It was just so pure," Jay said.  "That was like the first time I met Swizz. I met him when he was 17.  I've known him for 17-years, he's 34 now.  He was just a young kid.  I wanted Dame Grease, 'cause he was workin' on the DMX album [It's Dark And Hell Is Hot]. I was like, 'Where's the guy that's making all of those songs?'  And he said 'No my nephew Jigga, I got my nephew', I'm like 'nah, don't try to hit me with the nephew.'  He came in, he played those songs. We went from my office to the studio, we made four records ... From there, the body of the album was in place."