Tyra Banks has recently received support from Toronto rapper Drake for her TZONE, which is a week-long camping experience for girls in L.A., and began back in 1999.  This year, her TZONE will take place at the Lower East Side Girls Club on Avenue D in Manhattan.  She will also be hosting her "Flawsome Ball", a portmanteau  of "flawed and awesome", for the young girls who participate in her TZONE experience.  Drake is scheduled to perform at the event on October 18th, although the specific location of the ball has yet to be revealed.  

Needless to say, Tyra is very excited about the entire program.

"Through this partnership, my lifelong mission of raising the self-esteem of young women and empowering them to feel beautiful inside and out can be realized for years to come.  It's exciting that TZONE is now a physical space, as creating a place like this for girls has always been a dream of mine."

Source: allhiphop.com