While the jury still has yet to come to a verdict on whether or not the police officers in question, Officer David Sisak, and Officer Richard Ewing, the two cops did in fact manage to beat the malicious prosecution charge.  The incident happened on January 12th, back in 2010, when Jordan Miles alleged that he was approached by two officers who were dressed in plain clothes and they asked him for money, drugs, and a gun, however he claimed that they never identified themselves as officers so he ran, fearing he was going to be robbed.  

He claims that he was ultimately beaten, then hand-cuffed, then beaten again.  His malicious prosecution claim accused the officers of filing the criminal charges against him in order to justify the amount of force/beating that they delivered to him.  Based off of the pictures taken after the incident, he was definitely beaten by someone.

The jury is still currently deliberating on whether or not excessive force was used on him.  

Note: the officers in question were white, Miles is a young black man, and the members of the jury are all white, with the exception of one black man.  The racial aspects of the case have raised many eyebrows from those who have been following its progress.

Source: huffingtonpost.com